Admission Date

  1. Date of Admission NSW Supreme Court: 17 December 1999
  2. Date of Admission High Court of Australia: 2004
  3. Called to the Bar: 2004


  1. Dip Law (LPAB) 1994-1997
  2. GCLP (UTS) 1998

Previous Occupations

  1. Greg commenced his criminal law career at the Legal Aid Commission of NSW (Indictable ) 2001-2003.

  2. Greg then commenced as deputy Commission Solicitor with the Police Integrity Commission (2003-2004) before being called to the Bar in 2004.

  3. Greg has also performed contract work with the Professional Standards department of the NSW Law Society. During his Bar practice, Greg was a panellist for 5 years with the Office of the Legal Services Commission (NSW).

  4. Greg has also performed contract work as an Alumni Solicitor for the Legal Aid Commission of NSW.

  5. Greg is currently appearing in criminal law matters, predominantly jury trial work.

  6. Greg is available in all criminal law jurisdictions in NSW and all states of Australia.

  7. Greg is also available for tribunal hearings involving legal profession disciplinary matters.

Specific Areas of Practice

  1. Criminal Law (All jurisdictions)
  2. Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Additional Areas of Interest

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