Admission Date

  1. Called to the Bar - 1977
  2. Appointed Queens Counsel - 1989

Specific Areas of Practice

  1. Criminal Law
  2. Criminal (Environmental)

University Education

  1. Bachelor of Laws (Honours) University of Sydney, 1977

Professional Qualifications

  1. 1977:
  2. Admitted as a barrister of the New South Wales Supreme Court and
    the High court of Australia
  4. 1985:
  5. Called to the Bar of England & Wales (Grays Inn)
  7. 1985:
  8. Admitted to the Hong Kong Bar
  10. 1986:
  11. Admitted to the New York Bar
  13. 1989:
  14. Appointed as one of Her Majesty's Counsel in and for the State of
    New South Wales ('QC')

Professional Experience

  1. 1977 - 1979:
  2. Self-employed at the Sydney Bar with a general practice in the areas of commercial law, common law, family law and crime. During this period I successfully defended Australia's largest fraud case to that time (the Barton Case). Appearances in courts at all levels from the Magistracy to the High Court of Australia.
  4. 1980 - 1986:
  5. Employed as Senior Crown Counsel for and Consultant to the Hong Kong Government prosecuting serious criminal matters, including homicides, complex frauds, securities regulation and ICAC corruption offences. I frequently appeared in all tiers of Hong Kong's appeal courts.
  7. 1987 - 1988:
  8. In private practice at the Hong Kong Bar prosecuting (on fiat) and defending major fraud and corruption cases. Between 1986 and 1988 the complex fraud cases prosecuted by me as lead counsel for the Hong Kong Government (both for ICAC and CCB) included the O.T.B. Case, the Hang Lung Bank Case, the American & Panama Finance case, and the Dollar Credit Case.
  10. 1989 - 1995:
  11. NSW Senior Crown Prosecutor prosecuting all types of criminal indictable matters dealt with by the NSW DPP including many large scale fraud and corruption cases. At the time of my departure from the Crown Prosecutors Chambers, I held the position of Senior Crown Prosecutor for NSW and had responsibility for supervising the work of some 75 Crown Prosecutors. I frequently appeared for the Crown before the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.
  13. 1990:
  14. I was seconded from the Crown Prosecutors chambers to work as the first General Counsel for the newly formed NSW Independent Commission against Corruption ('ICAC').
  16. 1994/5:
  17. At the request of Michael Kirby OAM, High Court Justice, I took a year's leave of absence from the NSW Crown Prosecutors Chambers to work in Cambodia with the United Nations, training Cambodian judges and prosecutors.
  19. 1995 to Present:
  20. Private practice at the Hong Kong and NSW Bars, specialising in all areas of crime and planning Law in Hong Kong and the large variety of criminal work in NSW and all areas of work within the jurisdiction of the NSW Land & Environment Court, including the prosecution and defence of many high profile pollution cases. I frequently appear in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.

Academic Experience

  1. 1977 - 1979:
  2. Part time lecturer in Family Law and Succession at the NSW University of Technology
  4. 1980 - 1988:
  5. Part time lecturer in Business Law in the MBA Programme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  7. 1980 - 1982:
  8. Part time lecturer in Banking Law at the Hong Kong Polytechnic
  10. 2008 - 2010:
  11. Part time lecturer in Criminal Law at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney