Robert Deppeler

Admission dates
Legal Profession: September 2020
NSW Bar: August 2021

Having joined Trust Chambers as a Research Assistant to Anthony Bellanto QC in early 2020, Robert has had extensive experience in the preparation and running of complex Trial and Appellate matters across all criminal jurisdictions in NSW; from the Children’s/Local Court to Conviction and Sentence Appeals in the NSWCCA.

Having been called to the Bar in 2021, Robert has continued to practice predominantly in criminal law, however is available to work across a number of areas including family law. He is available for both advice work and in-court advocacy as required.

Robert has a particular interest in complex evidentiary matters including the admissibility of Tendency and Coincidence evidence in criminal proceedings, having co-authored a paper with Anthony Bellanto QC and Catherine Lin for the College of Law entitled Recent Cases and Developments in Criminal Law, focussing on amendments to Tendency and Coincidence provisions in the Evidence Act.

Although Robert primarily practices in the Sydney Metropolitan Region he is available to work regionally.

Principle Areas of Practice

Criminal Law
Summary and Indictable Hearings – Interlocutory and Final
Bail Hearings

Academic Qualifications


T: (02) 9264 9444
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